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Solutions for Microsoft Word Users

MathType is the full-featured version of Equation Editor

If you use Microsoft Word, you are probably familiar with our Equation Editor product that comes with Word. Our MathType product is the full-featured version of Equation Editor, with lots of additional features that let you work faster and smarter. If you are already familiar with Equation Editor, we have a special page devoted to you.  more>

Word + MathType for teachers

Many math, science, business, and economics educators use our MathType product to create tests and other classroom materials containing math notation. Some teachers that are new to computers are hesitant to learn new software packages. Fortunately, you probably own Microsoft Word or Works, both of which come with our Equation Editor product. This allows you to get familiar with point-and-click math editing at no additional expense. When you are ready to move up to MathType, you can simply get a 30-day evaluation and learn how MathType will let you work faster and smarter.  more>

Using Word + MathType to author articles and books for publication

Virtually all professional journal and textbook publishers accept submissions in Microsoft Word document form with equations authored using either our MathType or Equation Editor products. When we surveyed journal publishers several years ago, we found that 75% of all content containing math submitted to them was in this form. We expect that this percentage has risen even higher since that survey was done. Many STM (Science, Technical, Medical) publishers recommend MathType to their authors.  more>

Using Word + MathType to author web pages for online publication

MathType's new MathPage feature takes the place of Word's Save As Web Page command for creating pages with mathematical notation. MathPage does a much better job and adds a few bells and whistles of its own.  more>

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