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Solutions for STM (Science/Technical/Medical) Publishers

The inclusion of mathematical notation in content is one of the features that distinguish STM publishers from the rest of the publishing world. Design Science has solutions and products that are involved in many stages of the STM publishing process.

Authoring STM content

When we surveyed journal publishers several years ago, we found that 75% of all content containing math submitted to them was in Microsoft Word document form with equations authored using either our MathType or Equation Editor products. We expect that this percentage has risen even higher since that survey was done. Many STM publishers recommend MathType to their authors.  more>

MathML in XML-based workflows

Many STM Publishers are moving toward having all their content expressed in XML in a central repository (a content management system or database). This allows content to be repurposed for print and web publishing. Since MathML is the XML-based language for mathematics, it is natural that math be represented using MathML in the repository. When such MathML must be edited, our MathFlow MathML editor is a good choice. MathFlow currently works with PTC's Arbortext Editor and Publishing Engine products, JustSystems' XMetaL, and SyncRO Soft's oXygen much like MathType integrates into Microsoft Word. In the future, we will be offering tools that work with other XML products, and technology that can be integrated into your custom workflow solutions.  more>

Page layout with math

In order to maintain high production values, STM publishers use page layout programs like QuarkXPress, Adobe PageMaker and InDesign. Our MathType can save equations as Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files for easy placement on pages created using these products.

Adding value to online publishing with HTML+MathML

Today, virtually all STM publishers produce online versions of some or all of their content. Journal publishers mostly publish in Adobe's PDF format. PDF has the advantage that it is easy to produce and faithfully reproduces the printed version of their journals. Now that MathML display in modern web browsers is a reality, HTML+MathML is a powerful alternative to PDF. It has the advantages that it integrates perfectly with other web content and it adds value to STM content because it allows readers to work with the math -- calculate with it, for example. Read more in our white papers, MathML Adds Value to STM Publishing and MathML Workflows in STM Publishing.

Enabling display of math in web browsers

Many of our solutions for the online presentation of math involve MathML and for good reason. However, only recently have browsers been able to display MathML: Microsoft Internet Explorer with our free MathPlayer software, Netscape 7.0, or Mozilla (including Firefox). Because of the dominance of the Microsoft Windows platform, most readers will view pages containing MathML in Internet Explorer. Readers can download MathPlayer, our free MathML display engine for Internet Explorer wherever they see this logo:

Download MathPlayer

We encourage STM publishers to use this logo in their HTML+MathML content. We also license MathPlayer for inclusion into CD-ROM and DVD-ROM content.

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